One of the competitive advantages of our company is its own procurement base that allows us to harvest large volumes of wood for production at that not to depend on third-party suppliers and the situation in the primary raw market.

Another advantage is that the quality of the selected raw materials is much better and as a result the product quality is correspondingly higher.

The procurement base of "DoK "Enisey", LLC is located in the Krasnoyarsk territory, in the Angara region. The choice of placement is not accidental. The selection of the location of the base was carried out according to the principle "the main thing is the quality of raw materials." Studies have shown that the best quality of raw materials in the areas of the Lower Angara region which is also confirmed by experience.

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The peculiarity of this region is the unique natural conditions for pine growth. Namely:

Climate is severely continental with cold (average January temperature is from -20°С in southwestern to -44°С in southeastern and lasting winter and warm (average July temperature is from 12°С in north to 20°С in south ) in summer. Falls are from 200-350 mm in east, to 400-500mm in west per year.

As a result of these factors pine has very small distance between annual rings, small amount of knots and their profitable location (knots are situated mainly on the tree top) that affects final product. For example, flooring board becomes solider and thereafter is less subject to casting even under conditions of improper use. The surface appearance of finish materials and its surface is better.

Taking into consideration European experience of wood cutting we use modern equipment for cutting of timber corresponding all high world standards producing minimal damage to environment that also have positive effect to the goods cost.

We have chosen two world leaders in the production of harvesting machines Prentice and John Deere making a good showing long time ago.

Processor John Deere DHSP 2054
serves for trees bucking and knotting. It is a joint product of "John Deere" and "Hitachi". The machine is specially designed to work in the forest with the usage of excavator technologies and is manufactured at a separate plant in Canada.

There advantages of the Processor DHSP 2054 are power bows and running gears, high road clearance (711mm), extended fuel tank (more than 1000 liters) that allows to work long time without topping as well as the cabin protection performed in the accordance with all standards applicable to wood machines. In comparison with other adapted excavators track machines DHSP 2054 were specially designed to work in a harsh wood terrain.

A felling-and-bunching machine (FAB) produced by "John Deere"
is designed to technological circle harvesting wood in tree length. The purpose of this machine is to provide directed tree felling and bunching for the following logging.

High productivity of a felling-and-bunching machine (FAB) produced by "John Deere" directly depends on its ability to move in difficult ground conditions. Big moving force allows this machine move on rocky and hilly land easily.

Running gear of this machine is specially designed to work in the forest, it fully protected from damages and has reliable tracks for overcoming irregularities of landscape. Depending on timber cutting fund and operator's skills the productivity of a felling-and-bunching machine produced by "John Deere" can be up to 1 000 m3 per shift.

Skidding tractor (skidders) produced by "John Deere"
are for trees logging from cutting place to the sorting area or warehouse.

High productivity of new models of skidding tractors John Deere is the result of proper combination of engineering solutions. Perfect balance between mass and machine capacity and big moving force, hydraulics centralized system gives opportunity to use simultaneously several functions of machine gripper tool. Good machine balance and shift of gravity center to the front part allows the tractor to overcome high grades when logging heavy bundles of trees.

Motto of "John Deere" is less waiting time, more running time!

Procurement base

"DoK "Enisey 's" procurement base is located in Krasnoyarsk territory, in Angara region. The choice of place is not occasional. The choice of the base location was based on the principle: - "the main thing is the quality of raw materials". Studies have shown that the best quality of raw materials is in the areas of Lower Angara Region that was also confirmed experimentally

Storage of harvested wood

A warehouse and dock are organized on the bank of river Enisey that allows to perform prompt shipment and delivery by two modes of transportation: by river in summer and by road in winter.

Logs sorting

The whole volume of harvesting timber passes the measuring line of log sorting "Hekotek". Measuring module based on high-precision laser technology together with hardware-software complex provides an exceptional accuracy. This system measures the length, diameter, bend, taper and in accordance with these indicators scores a log. After passing through the measuring unit logs in accordance with our program lay out in "pockets" and then are delivered to the conveyor.
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The grading logs are given into sawmill. The different types of cutting, the high useful output of the edge-surfaced lumber, the correct geometry and the high speed of cutting are the main advantages of this workshop. After longitudinal cutting machine the boards are put in the pockets and the hardware-software complex forms packages from sawn planks.

Drying Complex

All edged timber from the warehouse is placed to the drying complex "TekmaWood". Total drying chambers capacity is 4500 m3. Fully automated drying process of materials allows to dry boards to technologic moisture content 10% -12%.

Woodworking workshop

After processing in the drying chambers the edged lumber goes to a woodworking workshop where the final cutting and processing takes place before receiving final goods. Board goes through several stages of processing such as: cutting of knots, the following end-jointing and dressing at high speed machines.

In the same workshop the glued beam is produced. To do this operation we have bought the press and now it successfully operates together with the line for making-ready board. Passing along this line the board is covered with a layer of glue (photo above), formed in a pile and sent to the press where the next board is formed under the required pressure and temperature.

Цех упаковки Packaging workshop

In "DoK "Enisey",LLC are all conditions for shipment and dispatch of products anywhere in the world. For motor vehicles two shipping platforms were designed which allow to load packages into containers. The plant has a large fleet of forklifts for loading any product into any machine. Experienced dispatchers provide speed and order shipment. A dead end for railway transport makes it possible to ship and receive goods directly on the territory of "DoK "Enisey",LLC.
Shipment and unloading of products is possible both in covered wagons and in open wagons.
A full cycle of wood processing completes the workshop for the production of wood pellets (pellets). All chips and sawdust produced by our plant are completely processed into a product.
Wood pellets are a cylindrical extruded product from dried sawdust.
The diameter of the pellets is 8 mm.
Length is from 10 to 40 mm.
Pellet density is 1.12 g / cm3
The calorific value is 4.6–5.2 MW / ton.

Pellets are an environmentally friendly product. In the production of pellets no auxiliary adhesive additives are added; pellets are made from clean sawdust. To obtain a cylindrical shape the sawdust is dried and pressed in specialized machines.

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tons of pellets
at one o'clock
When burning:
10 to 50 times less carbon dioxide emissions

15 to 20 times
less ash
Computer process control system in the compartment with the high-tech equipment allows avoiding unnecessary downtime.
The quality control system of the manufactured products is always on guard.
Twice in a shift (four times a day) all indicators of the finished product are measured.
The result of the work is stable – high-quality products.
Finished products are packed in soft containers ("big-bags").
Pellet bulk density is 0.68 -0.72 t / m3

1 ton of pellets is 1.6 tons of wood

1 ton of pellets is 480 cubic meters of gas

1 ton of pellets is 500 liters of diesel fuel

1 ton of pellets is 700 liters of fuel oil

With all this, pellets are much more environmentally friendly.
From 10 to 50 times less carbon dioxide emissions, from 15 to 20 times less ash.