The deep processing of timber

Added –value wood processing.

The whole cycle of added-value wood processing finishes a shop producing heating grains (pellets). All saw dust and woodchips produced by our plant are processed into the goods.

Heating grains (pellets) – cylindrical pressed product made from dried wood chips.

Pellets diameter 8mm

Length from 15 to 35mm.

Pellets density 1.12 g/cm3

Calorific value 4.6-5.2 megawatt/ton

Pellets – it is ecologically clean product. While producing pellets we add no additional adhesive components, pellets are produced from clean wood chips. To get cylindrical shape of pellets saw dust is dried and pressed in a process-specialized machines.




Computer system of process managing together with high-technology equipment helps to avoid stoppage.





System of quality control of the produced goods is always on the look-out. Four times an hour we make an observation of all figures of the ready goods. As a result of such work we have stably high quality of the produced goods.


Ready goods are packed in soft containers called “Big-Bags”.


Pellets bulk density is 0.68-0.72 t/m3.

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